Weekly (?) Reflection: 9-9 through 9-22, 2019

A few weeks have gone by since my last reflection. I have yet to find anything approaching an equilibrium for my MBA work. Job and family requirements remain positive priorities. My devotional life has fallen by the wayside. Likewise, there has been no gymnasium time to speak of.

I am looking forward to my trip to the American Academy of Optometry meeting in later October as a time of renewal and refreshment. However, a month may be too long to wait to reevaluate my organization. During this two week period, I had to stay up very late to complete my MBA work several times, which detrimentally-affected my family life till I was able to get some quality sack time.

Positively, I was able to complete all my assignments from this period at a high level of quality. My course work remains on track. I have made progress on my to-do list, and fancy that October may actually be relatively light in terms of Big Issues to deal with. My diet has gone generally well, and I am closer to my family than ever.

For the week of September 23 through September 29, then, I’d like to do the following:

  1. Catch up my writing for my International Business project, which I have been neglecting due to its late semester due date (I need to write five pages over the next five days to be caught up; not an unreasonable work load!).
  2. Use my Thursday and Friday nights, and Saturday and Sunday, wisely to complete all extant assignments with plenty of time to spare (and without staying up past 1:00 AM any given morning to do so!).
  3. Visit the Gym on Friday night and Sunday night.
  4. Read the Bible, pray, and read my devotional book each morning.
  5. Work on Spanish each day.

If I can do these things, this week to come will be successful.

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